Youth Programs

RYPEN (Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment) is a residential camp for young people aged 14 – 16

Develop a greater sense of self-awareness

Appreciate diversity in society

Realise their own and others’ potential

RYPEN achieves these aims through:

• Providing opportunities and challenges in an environ-

ment in which participants can explore their own boundar-

ies and gain a sense of self-understanding and


• Challenging participants through active learning and

problem solving activities designed to stretch mental, physical and social skills, both individually and within groups.

• Offering variety, including theory-based sessions allowing participants to increase knowledge and improve skills in leader-

ship, team building, identifying personality types, understanding others, problem solving and creative thinking.

• Balancing theory sessions with games, activities and a major “Outdoor Challenge” providing participants with opportunity

to put into practice skills learned during the theory sessions.

• Enabling participants to interact with smaller groups of people with assigned Leaders from the Leadership Committee,

creating greater self-awareness of team members.

For more information contact District RYPEN Chair Rod Fletcher

phone: 0422535730



or contact your local Rotary Club.

RYTS (Regional Youth Transition Seminar) RYTS is a week long residential camp which aims


“empower school graduates for the serious game of life”.

Through a series of life skills sessions, RYTS will equip school leavers with the confidence to step out

into the real world and embrace the challenges of the workforce, university, managing finances

and contests they may encounter transitioning from the comfort of school life to life as an adult.

The camp is directed at students exiting school (16-18 year olds) and will be held at Lake Perseverance near Crows Nest.

For more information contact District RYTS Chairs Phoebe & Simon Thomas

phone: 0407581313 (Phoebe); 0458874666 (Simon)



or contact your local Rotary Club.

RYDA (Rotary Youth Driver Awareness)

RYDA aims to influence the attitudes, awareness and behaviours of young drivers and passen-

gers and equip them with the knowledge they need to stay safe on our roads.

RYDA is a one-day road safety education program for the youth of our community. RYDA is

all about road safety and is directed to young people at the period in their life when they start

driving a car and ride as a passenger in a car driven by one of their peers.

The RYDA program is delivered to senior secondary school students in years 10 & 11 through Rotary Clubs at readily accessible

dedicated non-school venues so that the program can be accommodated in a normal school day, but away from the limitations

and distractions of school.

At RYDA, students attend six interactive sessions over the course of the day de-

livered by road safety experts, including driver instructors, police, recovering sur-

vivors of car crashes, drug and alcohol educators and motoring service personnel.

In small peer groups, students are challenged to change the way they think about

road safety, participating in a stopping distance demonstration, devising personal-

ised strategies, gaining an understanding of their individual risk profile, leading an

investigation into a real life crash and getting tips from road safety experts on how

to protect themselves, their friends and family.

RYDA gives students critical information and strategies that do not come from

driving lessons, books or the school classroom, to help ensure that when they com-

mence driving they have the best road safety education possible.

Initiated by Rotary, the program is organised, coordinated and delivered by volunteers from groups of Rotary clubs in partner-

ship with the program provider, Road Safety Education Limited (RSE), who develop and provide program resources, program

evaluation, promotional material and accredited facilitators. Programs are held throughout the year to accommodate local

school and venue availability.

For more information contact Darling Downs RYDA Chair Allan Rother

phone: 0409115631


or District New Generations Co-ordinator Bryan Payne

phone: 0427379909


or contact your local Rotary Club.

NYSF (National Youth Science Forum) is an Australian program dedicated to

exposing students who are heading into year twelve and are thinking about a career

in science, engineering and related disciplines to major scientific institutions and re-

searchers, so that they may make more informed choices for their future endeavours.

They are also given training in time management, interview skills and public


The Forum is fully residential and takes place in Canberra during January. All activities are fully supervised by student staff

and resident Rotary counsellors. The program is extremely intensive, with little time for outside activities except for meeting

those people already in the program.

The most important aspect coming from attendance at the NYSF is a network of friends, colleagues and support groups across

Australia, which will be of value to participants for the whole of their lives.

The NYSF continues after January, firstly in the form of university seminars and industry site visits in March and April and af-

terwards as a long term personal network of people with common aims.

For more information contact District NYSF Chair Allan Rother

phone: 0409115631



or contact your local Rotary Club.

RRAP (Rotary Reading Assistance Progam) provides children aged

3-5 years living in drought affected areas with one reading book per month for

as long as funds are available as part of a District initiative funded by a

District Grant and donations from Rotary members and/or clubs.

The areas looked at initially will be the Rotary communities of Charleville,

Roma, St George and Mitchell. The exact delivery approach may vary and may

include a combination of regular mail-outs (which would be a delight to the

children and families), personal delivery by Rotarians, delivery via child-care

centres or kindergartens etc.

The project has the potential, subject to funding, to also include the following initiatives: Community bookcases – A bookcase is placed strategically (eg. In a hospital waiting room, at a community centre) with a selection of children’s books which can be borrowed by community members and returned. The bookcases are replenished periodically. Rotarians and others as reading mentors – This might involve Rotarians reading over the phone, once per week say, to a child; Letters and/or email communication between Rotarian and child discussing a particular book; home hosting/visits Children’s’ reading and activity centres as a feature of family fun days.

How to contribute - If your club or an individual wishes to contribute to the RRAP Project please complete the attached

Contribution Form.

Note: Any funds contributed will be credited to the Rotary District 9630 Drought Appeal – RRAP Project.

RYEP (Rotary Youth Exchange Program) - Rotary Youth

Exchange Australia provides an opportunity of a lifetime for

Australian high school students to live & study abroad.

As a Rotary Exchange Student you'll spend up to 12 months living

and studying in a foreign country, learning a lot about yourself and

the culture of your adopted host families.

Rotary Youth Exchange Australia provides an opportunity of a life-

time for Australian high school students to live & study abroad.

Rotary Youth Exchange provides a unique opportunity to experience first-hand the many cultures of a different country and a

new way of life. You will be an ambassador to your host Country and often you will make life-long friendships with the famil-

ies, Rotarians and fellow Exchange students you meet, helping to build goodwill and understanding between countries.

It's an amazing, life-changing experience.

For over 75 years, students and host families have broadened their horizons through Rotary Youth Exchange. More than 80

countries and over 8,000 students each year participate in the program, which is administered at a regional level by Rotary

districts and at a local level by Rotary Clubs.

For more information contact District Youth Exchange Chair David Bray

phone: 0421620202



or contact your local Rotary Club.

RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Award ) is a week long personal development and lead-

ership program sponsored by Rotary and aimed at developing the interpersonal and profes-

sional skills of young adults.

Why would you go to RYLA?

A common comment at the end of every RYLA week is “That was the best week of my life!” The skills and lessons learnt, the

people met, the atmosphere and the fun all contribute to make this a great stepping stone to living your life to YOUR fullest


Who is eligible to attend?

Young adults from diverse backgrounds between the ages of 18

and mid-late 20’s who have demonstrated leadership potential

in a variety of situations may apply. Leadership potential may

include being involved in youth groups, being an active and pos-

itive employee, being involved in the community etc.

Whatever the situation, it is all about maximising what YOU

want from life and what you are prepared to contribute to YOUR


RYLA is usually held during the winter school vacation at Camp

Duckadang, north-east of Blackbutt.

For more information contact District RYLA Chair Mark Hams

phone: 0434587224



or contact your local Rotary Club.

Interact is Rotary’s service club for teenagers aged 12 to 18. connecting young people

with communities in their own area and across the world.

Interact clubs are self-governing and are run by students within high schools with support offered by mentor

Rotarians. Interact members work collaboratively, set goals and plan community service projects both locally and interna-

tionally, developing a network of friendships with local and overseas clubs and learning the importance of:

• Developing leadership skills and personal integrity

• Demonstrating helpfulness and respect for others

• Understanding the value of individual

responsibility and hard work

• Advancing international understand-

ing and goodwill.

There are currently more than 20,000

Interact Clubs in 140 countries with al-

most 500,000 members.

For more information contact District

Interact Chair Catherine Smith

phone: 0477966002


or contact your local Rotary Club.

Interact Clubs in our District:

Brisbane Metropolitan

• Clairvaux-MacKillop College, Mt


• St Aidan’s, Jindalee

• Yeronga State High School


• Fairholme

• St Joseph’s College

• St Savior’s College

• St Ursula’s College

• The Glennie School

• Toowoomba Grammar School

Western Downs

• Chinchilla

Take action to make a difference in your school and community Improve your communication skillsBuild your leadership and problem-solving skills Have fun, make new friends and connect with people from around the world