District/Global Grant Scholarships

Global Grant Scholarships

Global grants support scholarships for graduate students studying abroad in one of the six areas of focus. Scholarships range from

one to four years and therefore can include an entire degree program. Prospective scholars must show proof of admission to the

chosen university before the grant will be approved.

The Foundation does not require global grant scholars to carry out ambassadorial duties, but the scholarship sponsor may encourage

participation in club events or service projects.

Global grant scholarships are funded using cash and/or the District Designated Fund, matched by the World Fund. The global grant

budget must total at least US$30,000, but a scholarship may be a component of a larger grant application — for example, a scholarship

plus a humanitarian project

Rotary District 9630 supports the scholarship programs of the Rotary Foundation being:

District grant scholarships

Global grant scholarships

Global grant scholarships – key points

It must be graduate level study that relates to one or more of the areas of focus being:

Peace and conflict prevention/resolution

Disease prevention and treatment

Water and sanitation

Maternal and child health

Basic education and literacy

Economic and community development

Be for a study term of one to four academic years

The scholar must:

Leave District 9630

Study outside of Australia

Live in another country where there is a Rotary District

Have sufficient language proficiency for their proposed study

District grant scholarships – key points

Be for a study term of one to four academic years

Can be awarded for graduate or undergraduate studies

Can be for studies in Australia or outside of Australia

Can be for a single semester, an academic year or multiple academic years