Bowel Scan

This is a Rotary program developed in 1982 in New South Wales and now conducted by Rotary Clubs across Australia. Bowelscan is primarily a public awareness program seeking to increase community knowledge of bowel cancer and its symptoms as well as making available to the public, faecal occult blood testing kits at an affordable price to facilitate early diagnosis. Therefore, the aims of the Bowelscan program are to: Enhance public awareness through all available media channels of the need of bowel cancer screening for every adult every year, particularly those over the age of 40. Provide public access via over-the-counter pharmacy sales or on-line sales through dedicated websites, to affordable faecal occult blood testing kits, including the pathology testing of those kits, on an annual basis. Bowelscan is a not-for-profit initiative which depends for its effectiveness and success on the voluntary support of a large number of pharmacies, pathology laboratories (in Queensland, Sullivan Nicolaides Pathology) and the participating Rotary Club members. To maximise the effectiveness of this program, all Rotary Clubs are encouraged to participate, and to find out how this can best be done in District 9630, contact the District 9630 Bowelscan Committee Chairman Elvin Robb at:  To learn more about Bowelscan at any time, and to purchase the Test Kits during May/June each year, go to any of the following: